1ª hora

1.Shocking Pinks - You Can Make me Feel Bad
2.The Clean - Jala
3.Ruby Suns - Tane Mahuta
4.Green Pajamas - Just a Breath Away
5.American Analog Set - White House
6.Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart
7.Rational Academy - 2004
8.The Notwist - On Planet Off
9.Department of Eagles - Sailing by Night
10.Tickley Feather - Buttshot

2ª hora

11.Panda Bear - Take Pills
12.Porn Sword Tobacco - Copyright the Universe
13.Boards of Canada - Satellite Anthem Icarus
14.To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie - The Man with the Shovel is the Man I'm Going to Marry
15.Helios - For Years and Years
16.Quiet Village - Pillow Talk
17.Dosh - Don't Wait for the Needle to Drop
18.Dosh - If You Want to, You Have to
19.Caribou - She's the One
20.El Guincho - Fata Morgana
21.Mount Eerie - Appetite
22.Spiritualized - Borrowed Your Gun

José Afonso Biscaia

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